$5400 per unit

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Superior Design & Handcrafted

The most reliable commercial steamers  in the market that are designed for the most extreme-duty standards. Handcrafted in Central Indiana.

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Best Performing Steamer in the Market

We test our steamers against the top competitors including Southbend, Groen, Accutemp, Blodgett & More.

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1 Year Warranty

We offer 1 year warranty on all our steamers. We take pride in buildling the most durable steamers money can buy.

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Best Commercial Food Steamers in the Market

We are proud to manufacture the best commercial kitchen steamers in the market, designed & crafted by great American engineers of Central Indiana.

Our steamers are tough & built to last, with much improved design than most conventional restaurant steamers out there.

Speed: Utilizing powerful motor & improved steam circulation, you can cook 50 lbs of frozen vegetables in 25 min.

Less Water: Our steamers use 99% less water than conventional steamers which means lower cost on water & sewer bills and less maintenance.

Less Energy: Most energy efficient commercial counter top steamer in the market.

No Plumbing & No Boiler: You can place our steamers anywhere in the kitchen! Just plug it in. Because it does not use a boiler, there's no mineral buildup and removes the possible failure of pumps, floats, solenoid valve! Just powerful steam you can rely on.

We supply our steamers to all types of customers from restaurants to cruise ships.


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